Strawberry Scented Bath Oil Beads - On Amazon - Jar of 30

Something Fun! 

Bath oil Beads or Bath Pearls as some call it!!  Very popular back in the day before bath bombs became the rage!!!  We thought we would bring back some vintage nostalgia!!  

We are offering them only on Amazon!!

  • 30 Bath Beads per Jar
  • Strawberry Scent
  • Dissolves in warm bath water
  • Relaxing & Moisturizing
  • Drop 1 (or more) bath beads into warm bath water to release a nice fragrance scent along with relaxing, moisturizing oils into your bath water.
  • Ingredients: Safflower oil, gelatin, glycerine, fragrance, preservatives.
  • Packaged in plastic jar that can be recycled!!
  • $25

Looks great displayed in the bathroom and makes a nice gift for the Christmas Hoilday, Valentine's Day, Mothers Day and more!!









April 27, 2020 — Christine Gant

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