The Blushing Rose: A Special Something for Mom This Mother's Day

$ 40.00

Spoil Mom with a Blooming Bath Set: Celebrate Mother's Day by showering mom in love, rosy scents and petal-soft skin. 

This selection speaks to treating a beloved person in your life to a luxurious spa-like experience. The desired outcome is one that lingers long after the actual bath set has been used. The bath set itself contains two items: a beautiful glycerin rose soap and body scrub made from the best ingredients. This thoughtful gesture thereby provides an indulgent pampering opportunity to the recipient, allowing them to enjoy an elevated bathing experience that reflects care and consideration on the part of the giver.

These products will work together synergistically to create a soothing and rejuvenating environment by nourishing, hydrating, and purifying the skin. As such, this bath set could be a special treat for someone who is feeling overworked or stressed, providing them with a moment of restorative relaxation.

Set Contains:

1- Large Rose Neroli Scented Glycerine Soap - 5.8 oz

1- Rose Neroli Scented Body Scrub - 8oz