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NEW! Thieves Oil Cleansing Products

Our Thieves scent is inspired by a blend of botanicals once believed to prevent the spread of the plague during the 15th century in Europe. Named after a band of thieves who used a tincture of rosemary, lemon, clove and cinnamon, with many accounts also claiming that a hefty dose of garlic was added as well to protect themselves from disease during the plague.

I was inspired by this amazing recipe of botanical protection - so naturally I had to bring you a reinterpreted version for present times!

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Niyya from @thebloomjourney

Meet Niyya from @thebloomjourney

Watch Niyya from @thebloomjourney share her love for plants and give us a peak of her apartment plant sanctuary in the Bronx! 
June 01, 2021
Hair Care Tips for Type 4 High Porous Hair

Hair Care Tips for Type 4 High Porous Hair

For Type 4 porous hair products, I recommend shampoos that are low pH like our Herbal Honey Shampoo that is pH 6. Lower pH products helps to prevent further damage and breakage by closing the hair cuticle. 
March 25, 2020
Uplifting Citrus Benefits

Uplifting Citrus Benefits

Orange essential oils help to promote collagen production and supports the skin's repair process as well as tones the skin.  Add orange floral water to a spray bottle and use as a facial spritz.  Orange oil can improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system when used during a massage.  The smell is uplifting and energizing!!  We created our creamy orange rosemary body butter with all of these wonderful benefits in mind!

May 17, 2018

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