Brown Butter Beauty is an artisan small-batch beauty lifestyle brand based in Brooklyn New York. The products are inspired by my deeply rooted love of nature and plant life. My herbal infused plant based self-care collection includes hair, body and skin care products. I use natural oils, roots, clays, botanicals, essential oils and safe fragrances sourced from around the world to create effective unique products with a spa feel. 

Making women feel beautiful and confident is my passion.  When women feel good about themselves they can do anything.  I learned first hand that while striving and  pursuing  a successful career. You have to take time for yourself to re-coop, relax,  de-stress and beautify yourself for a healthy balanced life.  

I started making hair and skincare products while working full time as a photographer. I shared my creations with family and friends and eventually started to sell my products at local craft fairs.  In 2007,  I started selling  online and received so much great feedback that I decided to expand my product line. 

Ingredients inspire me. I love researching new exotic natural oils from around the world and the benefits it has for the skin and hair.  I'm passionate about creating products that involve as many of the senses as possible. Not only must the product be effective, but as an artist, I think about color, texture and smell of each product. For Spring & Summer, I love infusing oils with organic herbs and flowers like calendula, jasmine, nettle, chamomile and rose.  

It's my goal to create natural clean formulations but I'm not a purist.  I have established guidelines that carefully limits the amounts and manner in which fragrances  are used in my products. I only use fragrances at concentrations and conditions which have been shown to be safe according to the safety data sheets supplied by the ingredient manufactures. My products range from 90% - 100% naturally derived ingredients.

I don't use paraben preservatives of any kind.  Many of my products contain a natural preservative system that is lab tested for efficiency.  

All ingredients and products are cruelty free.  I do not test our finished products on animals. I also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals.

I use recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging.
I hope that you love the products as much a I love creating them!

Christine Gant
Brown Butter Beauty Founder