Best Hair Oil for all Hair Types

I love using hair oils.  Before I went natural I enjoyed using VO5 hot oil treatments and other commerically made hair oils.  When I decided to "go natural" it was hard for me to find a good natural hair oil. Most commercial hair oils didn't contain much oil if any at all, but instead the label was filled with hard to understand chemical petroleum based ingredients. I wanted something nourishing and natural for my hair so I decided to make my own. That's how our Herbal Hair Oil was born! I created this hair oil recipe over 20 years ago and it's still 100% natural and works great. 

It's rich and luxurious with a herbal infusion of my favorite organic herbs for hair like Nettle, Marshmallow Root, Chamomile Flowers, Nettle Leaves, Comfrey Root and more. It's not greasy and the essential oil blend in this hair oil is amazing!

Our Herbal Hair Oil works great for dry scalp and extremely dry hair. 

Here are a few ways to use our hair oil

1- Use it as a pre shampoo hot oil treatment. Warm some oils in the microwave and apply to dry hair. Cover with shower cap and allow warm oils to penetrate the hair for at least 15 minutes. Then shampoo as ususalThis works great for extremely dry hair!

2- For extremely curly, coily hair, apply hair oil to the scalp and hair before going into the shower. Allow the shower steam to mingle with the hair oil to add moisture to your your hair.

3- Add hair oil on top of your hair moisturizing butter cream and hair milk to add shine while styling your hair.

March 13, 2018