Traditional African Black Soap | ALATA SAMINA | Raw Black Soap | Made in Ghana 4.4oz

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Real "African Black Soap" made by Ghanaian women.  Produced  by hand, these soaps are made from pure, natural traditionally sourced ingredients from recipes that are passed down for generations. Black Soap (also know as Alata Samina) is wonderful to use on your face, body and even your hair!  It provides a powerful deep clean but is not overly drying to the skin! A little goes a long way.

Great for oily skin and may be helpful with eczema and acne prone skin.  When using on your body follow with a moisturizer.  If you have severely dry skin, you may not want to use this bar everyday.

These bars are luxuriously rich with lots of lather and raw shea butter added. Each bar is a little different as it's made from scratch by hand without molds.  

100% Natural and Vegan.  Fair Trade and Ethically Sourced Ingredients!

No Fragrances, No Surfactants, Cruelty-Free

Ingredients: Cocoa Pod / Shea Husk Ash , Unrefined Grade A Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Water

Vegan Black Soap