Rejuvenate Facial Treatment Oil

$ 35.00

This rejuvenating therapeutic facial oil is a must have for all skin types including acne prone, mature and sensitive skin. This facial oil treatment is truly a powerhouse, each essential oil, resin and plant extract in this blend has been added for its precise restorative and regenerative properties.

This herbal blend is packed full of anti-oxidant rich plant extracts which can help reduce skin irritation, and inflammation. This facial oil has a calming effect on skin and absorbs quickly into skin leaving a non-greasy but moisturized surface. Spikenard and sandalwood gives this oil it's unique woodsy scent.

You just need a few drops of this blend. It is very potent and can be used as moisturize.
Add it to your facial massage routine. Facial massage helps to stimulate blood flow and encourage collagen production.

Key ingredients: Frankincense, myrrh, rosehip*, rosemary* and calendula flower extracts*, geranium*, helichrysum*, rose*, pomegranate* spikenard, palmarosa and sandalwood oil.