The fall season is such a particular time of the year. The leaves changing color is a signal of cooler weather and, most likely, dryer weather, too, depending on where you live. So, it makes sense to change your hair and skin routine to match the changing season. To continue taking care of your hair and skin during the dryer months of the year, remember to pay close attention to product ingredients. We all want to look and feel our best throughout the year, so let’s discuss these four things to help us on this journey: 1) Product ingredients, 2) Weather effects on the skin, 3) Adjusting routine, and 4) Consistency.


Product Ingredients

The primary way to tell if a product could be great for you is to pay attention to the ingredients. The product is formulated with the consumer in mind, so it is critical to read the ingredients and try them out to see if they work. Make sure that you look for high-quality ingredients and use them correctly and consistently so that they will work wonders for your skin.


 Weather effects on the skin

Weather changes can affect us in different ways during the fall. For example, our skin can get extremely dry, dull, and cracked. The weather can also cause our hair to get dry, brittle, and damaged. Another thing that may cause the hair to dry and damage is wearing scarves and jackets. So, try to put your hair up or away from the neck when you wear a jacket/scarf. A great way to determine how the weather affects you is by following the directions below.


3 Ways to check how the weather is affecting you:

  1. Touch your skin or hair to see if it feels different than usual.
  2. Check to see if your hair feels better when you moisturize.
  3. Do a check-in weekly to make sure you are following your routines.


Adjusting Your Routine

 What may have worked in the summer may not work in the fall. Adjusting your routine means adding products that work for this particular season. For instance, you would want to change products in the winter season even though they worked great during the summer months. In the same way, you may want to put away the ones that work great in the fall when it’s Spring. To know what works best, check in with yourself to see if there are improvements. It is a great way to check if your routine is working.


Consistency is Key

 If you want to see changes, you must prioritize consistency. The more consistent you are, your changes will likely become a habit. As a result, your skin and hair will look and feel better. The fall changes don’t have to negatively affect you if you consistently use the right products and choose the proper habits.


Here is a spotlight on two of our products that are perfect for the fall season!


  1. Pumpkin Seed Hair & Body Oil

The pumpkin seed hair oil mixed with nourishing moisturizing oils is lightweight and non-greasy. Perfect to be used on both the hair and the body. The high-quality ingredients will make your hair or body feel loved and cared for. Press the link below to learn more.

Pumpkin Seed Hair & Body Oil – BrownButterBeauty (

pumpkin seed oil with rosemary for hair growth




  1. The Rejuvenate Facial Treatment Oil

This facial oil is for all skin types, including acne-prone, mature and sensitive skin. Our face is what greets the world, using high-quality ingredients to keep it moisturized. This product is so incredible that you only need a few drops. Press the link below to learn more.

Rejuvenate Facial Treatment Oil – BrownButterBeauty (


Facial Treatment Oil for Dry Sensitive Skin

Fall in love with prioritizing your needs by investing in yourself with self-care. Treat it like a love letter to yourself when making time for self-care because you deserve care, compassion, and consistency. The best way to do this is to start with you. Treat yourself to the most loving moments when you put on your products. Take your time, enjoy the moment, and practice positive self-talk about how amazing you are and how much you deserve the best in life. Making yourself a priority is always worth it.








December 01, 2022

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