Green Clay Collage Soap Bar | Zero Waste Soap | Artisan Soap

$ 10.00

These handcrafted soap bars are a celebration of our commitment to mindful and creative soapmaking.

We hand-cut our soaps, leaving behind little pieces that are too precious to be discarded. So, we gather these scraps, and like a skilled artist assembling a collage, we blend these colorful bits, creating new bars of soap that are truly unique.

They’re made with our special butter bar formula - a blend of organic, fair-trade, and sustainable Palm, Coconut, Olive, and Almond oils, rich in natural nourishing ingredients and generously super-fatted with cocoa butter.  We've also added a touch of French Green Clay to this batch, creating a beautifully earthy bar with added benefits for your skin.

The result? A delicately scented gentle soap that lathers luxuriously and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. 

They’re wrapped in simple paper to keep things waste-free.